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There are 55 million meetings in the US every single day.
They cost $1.4 Trillion dollars per year.
And 89% of meeting attendees are unhappy with the meetings they attend.
In short, they suck…time, money, and morale.

You can change all of that – with MeetingScience!

MeetingScience is the science of optimizing human meeting performance. It’s a cloud-based application that helps organizations identify the true cost, value, and impact of meetings, and how to improve them. Watson had Holmes, NASA had Mary Jackson, Ironman had Jarvis, and you have MeetingScience!

Companies who embrace the MeetingScience Suite experience:

  • Higher Meeting Performance
  • Lower Meeting Strain
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Turnover

Why Do Meetings Underperform?

  1. They lack a clear purpose
  2. They lack a clear goal
  3. They lack an agenda
  4. They lack clear next steps
  5. Unprepared Organizer
  6. Too Many People
  7. Passive Attendee Participation
  8. Start Late
  9. End Late
  10. Tech Problems 

Sound familiar? The average knowledge worker spends nearly three hours every day in meetings. Other than sleep, they are the second highest tax on our time. Speaking of tax, meetings also represent the highest company payroll expense: $0.38-$0.45 of every payroll dollar gets spent on meetings.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…. 

How Does MeetingScience Help?

Elite athletes balance strain and recovery (a la WHOOP and ŌURAto achieve the best performance results – corporate athletes use MeetingScience to achieve #meetingfitness, which provides enormous benefits for health & wellness, happiness, and productivity.

Fast & Easy

MeetingScience improves and works with the tools you already use for scheduling, hosting, and coordinating meetings. Within minutes you will have insights to improve your meetings.


With AI-driven recommendations and coaching you’ll see fewer meetings on your calendar, higher satisfaction from meeting attendees and less time wasted.

Additional Benefits

At MeetingScience, we are all about optimizing human performance.

For Attendees

For Organizers

For Executives



Anonymous feedback on the quality of the meetings you attend


Discover the true time and cost of the meetings you organize, and the impact on the people who attend


Who wastes the most money/time? Who runs great or terrible meetings? And who is overloaded in the company?



Coaching tips on how to effectively prepare for meetings and think proactively about structuring your day




On purpose, agenda, meeting type, and duration


Prioritize investments in different meeting processes and technologies



Compare your stats with the rest of your team or company and see how far ahead or behind you are in immunizing yourself from bad meetings


Identify why meetings you organize are great or terrible, and how to improve them



Identify individuals who could benefit from specific coaching, and identify the optimal meeting dynamics that benefit the entire company


Our Customers


Read what some of our early adopters have to stay about how MeetingScience helped them.

With MeetingScience I was able to shorten my weekly leadership meetings, move one-on-ones to semi-monthly and have time to schedule longer monthly brainstorming sessions, all while increasing attendee satisfaction by over 55%.

Doug M.

Customer Experience Professional

Before MeetingScience, we definitely had a meeting-centric culture in our organization, and didn’t really know just how many meetings took place over any given day, week, or month. After using MeetingScience for 30 days, we realized that we could reduce our meeting load by 21%. Our employees are happier that they’re not cutting into their family time by getting work done during the day with the time we saved on pointless meetings.

Peter B.

Chief Financial Officer

MeetingScience has already paid for itself. It’s like a performance coach in my ear, giving me real-time feedback on how I can improve meetings across the company. We’ve eliminated dozens of wasteful, low scoring meetings, and meeting organizers now have a much clearer sense of purpose for the meetings they organize.

Pauline O.

Managing Director

Calculate MeetingCapital™ ROI

MeetingCapital™ is the value of time restored to individuals that would have otherwise been spent in wasteful meetings. 


Who loves ROI? we do! With our application, companies like yours can effectively remove up to 20% of their unproductive meeting load, resulting in:


restored to your bottom line, annually.

Latest News

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